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Posts from our awesome team members who occasionally write these bits when they learn something new, discover something interesting or just want to keep their notes secure somewhere. As we’re a WordPress bunch, you’ll find most of what we write on this blog to be related to WordPress and web technologies. The primary goal of this repository of posts is to have a small platform for our team to learn and share knowledge. We hope you’ll also find this useful.

Post in post

By |WordPress|

Post in post plugin is used for there have two type of post one post type call as multiple another post type on front end there have three type have design every post have choose [...]

How to create Time line in wordpress

By |WordPress|

Many times lot of thing getting on internet some time did not getting perfect code for time line so i have created time line plugin : Screenshot Add following shortcode [timeline_shortcode dotted_top="0" dotted_bottom="5"][item_list_timeline item_list_timeline_time="all [...]

How to display local time frontend

By |WordPress|

Sometimes we might need to display local time on front-end because all countries have different time zone so user confuse he didn't understand actual time so following code will you display actual time as per [...]