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A Website Development Agency.

FantasTech Solutions is a website development agency based in Pune, India, focused exclusively on providing WordPress development services. We have been providing website solutions to our clients since 2012 and have worked on a wide range of WordPress projects, from simple business websites to plugins, themes, and complex webs apps.

In 2018 we shifted gears to start providing our services exclusively to digital marketing, design and branding agencies. In our experience during all these years, we found that a lot of the projects that we were doing were from these agencies who were outsourcing their client’s work to us. We really loved working with them, hence came the decision.

So now we’re completely focused on providing website development services to solo and small digital marketing, design and branding agencies. If you’re also an agency, we’d love to work with you on your client’s next website project! Head over to our homepage to learn more about the service.

About the Founder

Ram Shengale

It all started in 2012 when our founder, Ram Shengale started taking small freelance website projects during his college. Doing the first few websites for his local clients, he soon realized his love for developing websites. He continued taking freelance website projects even during his job after college.

10 months in the job, he got bored with the 9-to-5 and decided on quitting the job to start doing freelance work full time. As time went by, his portfolio and client feedback started growing and he started getting more and bigger projects than he could handle. That led him to register the agency in 2015. He started building a team of developers and here we are right now, hundreds of website projects and satisfied clients strong.

The Amazing Team

Fantastech Solutions wouldn’t be what it is today without the awesome work of our extremely talented and dedicated team. They are the pillars of the company without which we would not have achieved what we have so far.

Our team is mainly made of full-time developers and managers who share the passion for building websites and work hard to deliver the best quality experience to our clients.

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