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8 Case Studies and 20+ recent Design to Code conversion projects for agencies, freelance consultants and startups.

Case Studies

En Dash Studio

En Dash Studio is a creative agency headed by Nicolas Giapponi. They specialize in strategy and interaction design and provide a wide range of digital and creative services like brand building, marketing, photography and more.

Being owner of a design agency Nicolas was looking for talented professionals to build website for his own design agency. He came to us with designs in Sketch for his new website and hired us to convert those to clean and easy to manage website for him.

We helped him convert his designs into a sleek and easy to manage WordPress website at endash.studio. We've been working with him ever since as his outsourced WordPress development partners.

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Sprout Digital

Sprout Digital is a leading web design and digital agency based in Ohio, USA. They provide variety of services like web design, competitive analysis, SEO, PPC advertising and social media marketing.

They initially came to us with a few small WordPress projects where we helped them as their outsource development partners. Because of the quality of work we delivered to them, they eventually started hiring us for more medium and large sized websites. We've been able to deliver all their projects to their satisfaction and save them money in the process that they might have spent on costly local developers.

The most recent project we've done from them is IslandLifeCharters.com which was a super urgent project with strict deadlines. We were able to deliver the website under record time, which won us this great feedback from them...

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My Mogul Media

My Mogul Media is a US based full service digital agency which provide graphic design, development and marketing services.

From the beginning of a project to maintenance and everything in between, they provide all round digital services to their clients. They work all all sizes of projects from small graphic design projects to bigger and complex web development projects.

We've been working with Darrin, owner of My Mogul Media since 2017 and have done dozens of projects for his agency as their outsourced WordPress development partners.

We help them save thousands of dollars every month that they'd have otherwise waste on in-house development team.

KBCStrategyGroup.com is the latest WordPress project we did for his client recently.

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Uber Marketing

Uber Marketing is a marketing agency that provides end to end marketing services to companies of all sizes. They focus on developing fresh and affordable innovative marketing ideas for their clients.

We have been working actively with them as their outsourced WordPress partners since 2017 and have worked on numerous websites for their clients.

They produce web designs in-house and outsource the conversion of those designs to WordPress code to us.

Hills Conveyancing is the latest website project we did for them.

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6 Group

6 Group is an executive search, leadership development, strategic resourcing and organisational change service provider that helps medium to large scale businesses with transforming their businesses and reaching their goals.

Daniel Solomon, marketing head at 6 Group came to us with a small project where they needed our help implementing a small module on their website. He and the team at 6 Group got so impressed with our work that they eventually hired us for building their brand new website: 6-group.com from their Sketch designs.

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AIS Media

AIS Media is top digital agency based in Atlanta, US which has been in business since 1997. They specialize in PPC and SEO and have been named Top Digital Marketing Agency, Social Media Marketing and SEO company in Atlanta on Clutch.

We had the opportunity to work with them on a few PSD to WordPress conversion projects in which we helped them convert their designs to WordPress websites.

You can see the work we did for them recently for their client: GradyDentalCare.com

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JFT International LLC

JFT International LLC in an end-to-end eCommerce solution provider that helps small offline business owners bring their businesses online.

They provide full package to the offline businesses to bring their inventory of products online on a custom made eCommerce portal and provide digital marketing to help them grow their sales.

We've worked on more than 10 eCommerce website projects for them as their outsourced development partners so far. All the projects involved conversion of designs in PSD to eCommerce websites powered by WordPress and Woocommerce.

You can see the latest website we did for them: TheWellnessHacker.com

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Estrolo is one of India's leading fashion brands that provide a wide range of custom designed jeans and t-shirts line for youth. They're a well funded startup and have the Indian Cricket star Jaspreet Bumrah as their brand ambassador.

Their team approached us with PSD designs for developing their website Estrolo.com. We helped them convert their designs into a fully functional eCommerce store for their brand using WordPress and Woocommerce.

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Other Design to Code work...

Well, that's just the tip of the iceberg!

As we're primarily a White Labelled service provider, what you see on this page is just a small sub-set of the thousands of projects we've done over the years.

Our best work is for web designers and agency clients who do not want to disclose their projects and have them protected with NDA

But if you want to see what we're really capable of and the quality of work that we can deliver, we suggest you hire us for a small Design to Code conversion task and make your own judgment.

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