Post in post

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Post in post plugin is used for there have two type of post one post type call as multiple another post type on front end there have three type have design every post have choose specific design Download Now

How to create Time line in wordpress

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Many times lot of thing getting on internet some time did not getting perfect code for time line so i have created time line plugin : Screenshot Add following shortcode [timeline_shortcode dotted_top="0" dotted_bottom="5"][item_list_timeline item_list_timeline_time="all day" item_list_timeline_content="Work in teams" height="6"][item_list_timeline item_list_timeline_time="8.00 am" item_list_timeline_content="Breakfast" height="12"][item_list_timeline item_list_timeline_time="10:00 am" item_list_timeline_content="Coach booking" height="6"][item_list_timeline item_list_timeline_time="11.00 am" item_list_timeline_content="Coaching" height="6"][item_list_timeline item_list_timeline_time="12.00 pm" [...]

How to display local time frontend

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Sometimes we might need to display local time on front-end because all countries have different time zone so user confuse he didn't understand actual time so following code will you display actual time as per your browser or system this code used in any where such as php, Wordpress add following code in jQuery File [...]

How to activate user account after registration

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we have requirement of user account activation, Whenever new user register into site, we wanted to make another step of verification as account verification. So we did it by sending an email to registered user email id along with account activation URL,Download Now

Server Side Validation For Ninja Forms

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We recently had a client who were using Ninja Forms on their site and wanted to use it's registration module for letting users register on the website. Ninja Forms is a pretty neat plugin and it was super easy to quickly create the registration form with it. The client also needed a validation by which [...]

How to get total comments count for a post?

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Wordpress provide with the following function: <?php wp_count_comments( ); ?> The above code gets the total count of all comments present on the site. If we need to get the total comments count of a particular post then we can use following code: <?php $comments_count = wp_count_comments( $post_ID ); echo "Comments in [...]

How to override JavaScript files in child theme?

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Sometimes we might need to modify or add some extra javascript in your parent themes main JS file. But if you make changes directly in the parent theme JS file the changes would be lost when you update the theme. So you can do this by creating a child theme or a custom plugin and [...]

How to Create WordPress Widget?

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We're going to create a simple sidebar widget like the default "Text" widget, which will have a title and description. It will contain only two fields - title and description, but in your widget you can add as many as you want. How it'll work is, if we fill data under these fields from widgets [...]